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The AdJug exchange is a real-time, auction-based exchange for display advertising. Publishers and advertisers trade available inventory and advertising in a transparent environment allowing choice, control and visibility to all parties.

Publishers use AdJug:

  • To generate incremental revenue from current inventory

  • To gain access to unscheduled campaigns and budgets of advertisers who want to target their inventory

  • To take control of which advertisers and campaigns appear around your content

  • To complement their sales strategy while not cannibalising their sales team efforts

  • Value ? Never lose money, only generate incremental revenue

  • Keep your existing ad network - Works in tandem with your current ad sales efforts, technology and partnerships

  • Minimal commitment to AdJug ? Sign up to an online non-exclusive agreement and have the ability to turn on and off inventory as you please

  • Choice ? Manage which advertisers appear on your inventory

  • Transparency ? The exchange determines the price and you always see how much advertisers are bidding for your inventory

  • Its free!

  1. Step 1: Register with AdJug

  2. Step 2: Place a single piece of code onto your site(s)

  3. Step 3: Set your price for the categories of your inventory

  4. Step 4: Test and go live!

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