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How and when to access your Monthly Report stats

Your monthly report details will be made available within your AdJug account on the 6th day of each month, please see below for the steps to acquire these details:-

  1. Navigate to / and login into your account.
  2. Click on the ‘Payment Preferences’ tab (next to the ‘International Traffic’ tab).
  3. Click on the relevant monthly link ‘August’ (or relevant month) (Euro/GBP).
  4. You will find your monthly performance information as well as the total revenue amount generated (Please note that their may be more than one page to the on screen report or you can export to excel).
  5. Please use this figure and add the applicable VAT (if this applies to your account) and generate a respective invoice if you meet the AdJug monthly payment threshold as stated above (VAT is not included for International payments).
  6. Please refer to the AdJug Publisher Payment Policy for further details.
  7. If you have any queries with regard to accessing your Monthly Report performance information, please do not hesitate to contact either Christopher Zoomerschoe, Senior Publishing Account Manager on +44 (0)845 251 2233 or or Tobias Horch, Publishing Manager on +49 89 210 2998 890 or