Hello and welcome to AdJug.

The AdJug exchange is an open exchange for online advertising. Advertisers and publishers buy and sell available inventory in a transparent environment bringing choice, control and visibility to all parties.

As an advertiser you get to preview exactly what you're about to buy. This includes complete visibility as to which website your ad will appear on and how much traffic your ad is likely to receive.

Welcome to the AdJug exchange, where choice, control, visibility, targeting and reach come as standard.


The whole exchange is open and visible, no more opaque black boxes hiding nasty secrets. Honestly, we believe you have the right to know where your traffic is coming from. See the stats upfront and buy with total confidence.

Control and choice

You choose where and when your advert appears! No more repeat blind buying on sites that don't deliver. We are building a exchange to reflect the true nature of the internet, so expect an unrivalled choice as we grow.

Better value

Eliminate wastage by removing sites that don't convert. You can stop campaigns 24/7 with individual publishers at any point during a campaign. Get more for your money.

Access more publishers

Your advertising campaigns reach large volumes of quality publishers and users with the efficiency of one purchase.

Precise targeting

Run your campaigns by keyword, site, category, geography or demographics to ensure you get to the audience you want. Improve your aim!

Campaign delivery


Buy extra impressions from sites you choose, at any point in the month and avoid blind networks. Top-up with complete confidence.

These benefits combined will result in an increased ROI and ultimately achieve your campaign goals

How do I buy?

You can buy standard ads on a CPM basis. Standard ads (IAB) are: Banners, Skyscrapers, MPUs, Leaderboards. Other ad types are available upon request.

The process of buying on AdJug could not be simpler! There are 5 simple steps, each with explanatory notes where you see the ? sign.

If you are an agency, click here.

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